music by Kenny Barron, lyric by Teri Roiger

Showers fall in silent space
They sparkle in the sunlight’s warm embrace
Rays of light so eloquent
The love you give me must be heaven sent
You came to me, a spirit bright
To satisfy, my thirst for life
The sprinkling of your loveliness
Your caress brings me such happiness

Shower me with gifts of light
Let the flowers blossom, bold and bright
Bathe me in the summer breeze
Hear the birds sing joyful melodies
You came to me
I reached for you
With love as fresh
As morning dew
How brilliant your colors fly
I’ll breathe them in with every secret sigh

SUMMER into AUTUMN Calendar

Wednesday, AUGUST 21 @ Annarella in Saugerties (6:30 pm) Teri Roiger sings with Larry Ham (piano) & John Menegon (bass)

Sunday, AUGUST 25 @ the African American Festival on the Rondout in Kingston, NY. Bass & Voice DUO with John Menegon @ 2:15 pm (festival is 1-7 pm)

Wednesday, AUGUST 28 @ Annarella in Saugerties (6:30 pm) Teri Roiger sings with Matt Munisteri (guitar) & John Menegon (bass)

Tuesday, SEPT 24 @ Studley Theater, SUNY New Paltz Jazz Faculty Concert on the SUNY New Paltz Campus 7:30 pm

Monday, OCTOBER 7 @ Bar Next Door in NYC

Saturday, OCTOBER 26 @ The Hugh's Room in Toronto




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