music by Thelonious Monk, lyric by Teri Roiger

My baby he left me
He went for a long walk
He wandered off too far
Now he's gone and there's no more talk

I wondered what went wrong
He came to me so strong
And then he just vanished
Now our love has been banished

Day after day, I tried to appease him
Night after night, I never could please or tease him
'Cause he wasn't in

He promised me laughter
And love ever after
I woke up one morning
He said BYE with no warning

SUMMER into AUTUMN Calendar

Wednesday, AUGUST 21 @ Annarella in Saugerties (6:30 pm) Teri Roiger sings with Larry Ham (piano) & John Menegon (bass)

Sunday, AUGUST 25 @ the African American Festival on the Rondout in Kingston, NY. Bass & Voice DUO with John Menegon @ 2:15 pm (festival is 1-7 pm)

Wednesday, AUGUST 28 @ Annarella in Saugerties (6:30 pm) Teri Roiger sings with Matt Munisteri (guitar) & John Menegon (bass)

Tuesday, SEPT 24 @ Studley Theater, SUNY New Paltz Jazz Faculty Concert on the SUNY New Paltz Campus 7:30 pm

Monday, OCTOBER 7 @ Bar Next Door in NYC

Saturday, OCTOBER 26 @ The Hugh's Room in Toronto




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