music & lyric by Teri Roiger

You do something nice to me
Whenever I get next to you
The poetry of your embrace
Leaves me in a state of grace

If you would ever be untrue
I would be through with you
Knowing you would always be
In my heart, next to me

Waking from a dream
I could write a scene
Changing destiny
To discover, there’s another
Way to relate, to each other
Gently with love, to discover
Feelings asleep, within our soul
Sharing your soul
Is the beginning of losing control
Always winning
Opening hearts to love and dreams

SUMMER into AUTUMN Calendar

Wednesday, AUGUST 21 @ Annarella in Saugerties (6:30 pm) Teri Roiger sings with Larry Ham (piano) & John Menegon (bass)

Sunday, AUGUST 25 @ the African American Festival on the Rondout in Kingston, NY. Bass & Voice DUO with John Menegon @ 2:15 pm (festival is 1-7 pm)

Wednesday, AUGUST 28 @ Annarella in Saugerties (6:30 pm) Teri Roiger sings with Matt Munisteri (guitar) & John Menegon (bass)

Tuesday, SEPT 24 @ Studley Theater, SUNY New Paltz Jazz Faculty Concert on the SUNY New Paltz Campus 7:30 pm

Monday, OCTOBER 7 @ Bar Next Door in NYC

Saturday, OCTOBER 26 @ The Hugh's Room in Toronto




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