music by Thelonious Monk, lyric by Teri Roiger

Whispering your deepest darkest thoughts to me
Will set you free
And you won't have to hide behind
That lovely mask that's so refined
Tangled shadows resting in your heart
Will waken with a start
When you begin to turn the key
Unlocking all the mystery
Of sea and sky and where they meet
Why life is so bittersweet
Listen to your soul

music by Kenny Barron, lyric by Teri Roiger

Showers fall in silent space
They sparkle in the sunlight’s warm embrace
Rays of light so eloquent
The love you give me must be heaven sent
You came to me, a spirit bright
To satisfy, my thirst for life
The sprinkling of your loveliness
Your caress brings me such happiness

Shower me with gifts of light
Let the flowers blossom, bold and bright
Bathe me in the summer breeze
Hear the birds sing joyful melodies
You came to me
I reached for you
With love as fresh
As morning dew
How brilliant your colors fly
I’ll breathe them in with every secret sigh

music & lyric by Teri Roiger

The leaves are falling down
So many leavin’ town
All the words unsaid
Unravel in our head
So many lives we lead
And stories we all weave
Creating works of art
To feed our hungry hearts

We are still here, so fresh are our tears
And guided by love we’ll be
Memories lingering, new ones blossoming
Are they real, or just a dream?


With ever changing scenes
And never ending dreams
That whisper in the wind
Awakening within
A secret world we’ve seen
Where we live up to our dreams
Demystifying life
Turning darkness into light

Destiny speaks, when darkness comes creeping
Guided by light we’ll be
Memories lingering, new ones blossoming
Are they real, or just a dream?

To live up to our dreams
Is harder than it seems
But once we start to shine
We leave the past behind
To make it all seem real
And let our bodies feel
Revealing truths that hide
Buried deep inside

Skies overcast, a light shines at last
And guided by love we’ll be
Memories lingering, new ones blossoming
Are they real, or just a dream?

music and lyric by Teri Roiger and John Menegon

As the deep blue sea, gently cradles me
Spinning tales of fantasy
As the ocean roars, my emotions soar
Leading me to distant shores
Then the darkness falls, dancing moonbeams call 
Shadows softly kiss the night

On the inside of the night
Between dark and light
The midnight breeze
Blows gently to uncover me

Through the windows of the sky
Truth and beauty lie
Opened by a soft wind passing
Kissed by angels everlasting

You are like the night, mystery and light
Heart to heart, be mine tonight

True Love with No Regrets
No Regrets with True Love

music by John Menegon lyric by Teri Roiger

What happens when you don’t even have a key to your own heart?
Misunderstanding, love never lasting, bittersweet romance
Constant craving, misbehaving
Looking to find love everlasting

Imagination will lead you to a new way to live life
Mysteriously, deliriously, you’ll come unfolded
Every season has a reason
Let the sun shine in, don’t be dreary

Find a quiet place
Where you can put on a new face

Some cheerful day, you’ll discover all your treasures and pleasures
See where they take you, don’t hesitate to follow your longings
Be insightful, so delightful
Miracles live on, out on Monk’s Point

Employ your greatest joy
And take a journey to Monk’s Point

music by Dewey Redman, lyric by Teri Roiger

Bright lights, dark nights
Shine in the city of the soul
Melody’s mysteries
How sweet the magic of sound
In the rhythm of the sea
Music’s all around

Moon shining lighting up the skies
Harmony’s mysteries
This life is only a dream
Time is giving us the key
To this mystery

music & lyric by Teri Roiger

You do something nice to me
Whenever I get next to you
The poetry of your embrace
Leaves me in a state of grace

If you would ever be untrue
I would be through with you
Knowing you would always be
In my heart, next to me

Waking from a dream
I could write a scene
Changing destiny
To discover, there’s another
Way to relate, to each other
Gently with love, to discover
Feelings asleep, within our soul
Sharing your soul
Is the beginning of losing control
Always winning
Opening hearts to love and dreams

music by Thelonious Monk, lyric by Teri Roiger

If you could see what I am feeling
The mirror would be, so revealing
And then, your moves might sway me
As I see in your eyes, a million surprises

With just one glance from you I'm breathless, again
Loving you still
When we meet, it's so sweet
But looking back on my life
I see someone in you, who will make me lose sleep

The look on your face
Undoubtedly left a trace
Deep in my heart somewhere
I see your face before
So constantly it absorbs me

The touch of you with just your eyes
Has opened my heart
You're always with me, I know
Wherever I may go
I see those REFLECTIONS of you

music by Thelonious Monk, lyric by Teri Roiger

My baby he left me
He went for a long walk
He wandered off too far
Now he's gone and there's no more talk

I wondered what went wrong
He came to me so strong
And then he just vanished
Now our love has been banished

Day after day, I tried to appease him
Night after night, I never could please or tease him
'Cause he wasn't in

He promised me laughter
And love ever after
I woke up one morning
He said BYE with no warning

music by Dewey Redman, lyric by Teri Roiger

Feel all the joy
That’s been given to you
It is yours to know
Never let it go

When nights are long
TAKE THE A TRAIN ‘til dawn
Bitter hearts turn sweet
Weeping willows weep
When two lovers meet

Give into joy fearlessly
Music’s the magic that will guide us
Through life’s mysteries
Deep inside us

Day star, night light
Portrait in black and white
Fireflies light the night
Shadows in moonlight
Dance around midnight

The struggle continues to brew
Give into moments of enchantment
Find the rainbows
That the clouds sent

Your joy’s within
Let the music begin
Hear the rivers flow
Sing each note you know
Let’s turn the lights down low

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Wednesday, NOV 13 @ Annarella in Saugerties (6:30 pm) Teri Roiger sings with Pete Levin (piano) & John Menegon (bass)

Friday, NOV 29 @ Westbeth Community Center (7:30 pm) 55 Bethune, NYC 10014 BILLY STRAYHORN BIRTHDAY BASH with Teri Roiger (voice/piano), Brenda Bufalino (tap dancing), John Menegon (bass)

Wednesday, DEC 4 @ Annarella in Saugerties (6:30 pm) Teri Roiger sings with John Menegon (bass), guitar TBD

Tuesday, FEB 25 @ Zurcher Gallery, 33 Bleecker Street, NYC 10012 (212-777-0790) TRILIGHT TRIO / Teri Roiger (voice), Joel Frahm (sax), John Menegon (bass)

Thursday, FEB 27 @ “Jazz at the Spring!” 110 Spring St, Saratoga Springs, NY. TRILIGHT TRIO / Teri Roiger (voice), Joel Frahm (sax), John Menegon (bass)




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